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Beyond the Tennis Ball: Activities to Enjoy with Your Dog!

Below are links to some of the many activities you and your dog can enjoy!

Click on the link to learn more about the dog sports and activities listed. Many of the sports below are not offered through GCOC but rather a resource to share a few of many AKC sports you and your dog can begin together! 

**Please note, some links below will bring you to for further information on the specific sport if not offered through GCOC**



These activities are not currently offered at GCOC, but can be great opportunities to further your dog's training!

Many of us have spent hours tossing a ball with our dog. If you have ever wondered "are there other things we could do together?" The answer is a resounding YES!

GCOC Members enjoy a wide variety of fun and challenging activities with our dogs.

Want to teach your dog to preform precise maneuvers in a close relationship with you? The sport of Obedience may be for you!

Want to steer your dog through courses of complex obstacles with speed and accuracy? Try Agility!

How about working with your dog through face-paced sequences demonstrating your skills and teamwork? Rally may be your thing!

Does your dog like to chase bunnies? Check out coursing and FastCAT!

Is your dog good at finding things with its nose? Nosework might be your sport!

If your dog has a great temperament and can behave well in a variety of situations, you might want to consider the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Program. GCOC offers the CGC and CGCA test throughout the year. If you have a dog for whom helping people seems to be a calling, you might want to consider therapy dog work.

And, of course, just teaching your dogs to do tricks can be great fun as well.

GCOC can help you move beyond the tennis ball to find these and other fun, fulfilling, and challenging ways to spend time with your dog. Just click on a dog sport and get started!

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