Canine Good Citizen Program


The American Kennel Club began the Canine Good Citizen Program as a way to "reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community." The program originally required passing a test consisting of a number of exercises that a dog and handler might encounter in everyday activities at home and in public. Due to the popularity of the program and to encourage dog and handler teams who succeeded in passing the test to consider advancing to other venues such as obedience or agility, the AKC has expanded their program to include titles and tests in the following areas:

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test and Title

This is the basic CGC test, requiring that the dog shows the ability to sit politely for petting, permit someone to perform basic grooming, walk on a loose lead, walk calmly through a crowd, sit, down and stay on command, come when called, behave politely around other dogs, behave even when distractions are present, and allow a stranger to hold the dog's leash while the owner steps away. Click for full details of the test and the title.

Urban Canine Good Citizen (Urban CGC)

This test requires the dog to perform the CGC test items in an urban environment, including negotiating elevators and city streets with cars and other distractions. Click for full details of the test and title.

Canine Good Citizen Advanced/Community Canine (CGCA)

The CGCA is the advanced level of the CGC program.  The test items for this title are given in real venues, such as at shows, classes and in the community. While many of the test items are the same as those for the CGC, the dog is required to perform more advanced exercises, such as keeping a stay in a group of dogs, obeying the "leave it" command while walking past food, recall with distractions, and waiting politely at a door. Click for full details of test items and title.

The Greater Columbia Obedience Club regularly holds CGC tests. When scheduled the tests will be announced on our main page and signups will appear in the Class Registration page.

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