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(Audit) Foundations for Ring Readiness : Session 3: Back-chaining

  • 23 Jun 2017
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • GCOC Training Facility 947 S. Stadium Road
  • 9


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This is an audit spot for Session 3.

The Foundations for Ring Readiness series will introduce you to the concepts of building verbal cue reliability, adding proofing, building behavior chains and back-chaining behaviors to rewards outside the ring. We will focus on these 7 skills during this series: sit, down, nose touch, call to heel, zen bowl (leave the treat in the bowl alone until cued to get it), station work (go to a certain spot- mat, crate or chair- and wait for your reward) and a few steps of heeling. This series is perfect for dogs who know 4 or more of these skills. 

Session 3: Back-chaining

Now that our behaviors are more reliable and our dog can do some short behavior sequences, we will work on building more behavior chains and back-chaining rewards to outside the ring. We will work on sequencing behaviors to our station behavior and sequencing moving between exercises to a set-up and reward. The dog and handler teams will practice back-chaining a known Novice or Open exercise.  

Instructor: Mariah Hinds CPDT-KA

Mariah, is certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and is an instructor at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. With experience stretching over more than fourteen years, she’s handled every problem a canine can dish out, from dogs that fight, to rehabilitating severely abused dogs, to training winning performance dogs. Mariah is an avid dog sport competitor and recently achieved first place out of 100 dogs in a statewide competition and third place overall out of 300 competitors. So, whether you are looking for great pet dog training or high levels of competition obedience and trick training she can help you.

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