Dogs Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

At the Greater Columbia Obedience Club, we realize that the titles behind a dog's name means so much more - it is an announcement to the world of a loving bond established between dog and handler.  We pause to remember those who have passed over the rainbow bridge and celebrate the achievements made during their lifetimes here!

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Owned and loved by Leon Ember

Feb 19, 2001 - Nov 14, 2011

Owned and loved by Marion Buraczynski

Apr 3, 2000 - Nov 11, 2011



Owned and loved by Phyllis Beasley

Adopted from the South Carolina Sheltie Rescue
Mo, CGC, Delta Society Pet Partner


Owned and loved by Diane Nero

Aug 7, 1998 - Jan 17, 2011


Owned and loved by Phyllis Beasley

Mistylain's Celtic Wee Lad, CDX, AX, AXJ, NJP, RE, EJC-JH,
EAC-JH, NGC, CGC, BHI, Delta Society Pet Partner

Owned and loved by Diane Farrar-Sanderson
Dutches of Clover Meadow, CGC, TDIAOV
Therapy Dog International Active Outstanding Volunteer

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