Pups, Play, People, and Picnic!

09 Jun 2016 9:17 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

What a great event!  We had some amazing contributions to the food table, including 3 different kinds of barbecue, salads galore, and desserts to die for! I think we had about 35 folks in attendance and nearly as many dogs.  The consensus is that we will try to do a summer social like this again next year.  

Here are a couple pictures:

Cody, hoping that Nell toppled Temptation Tower right to him.  No such luck. Cody held his stay, Nell built an awesome tower, and after a minute, I am sure Nell gave him one of those delicious peanut butter biscuits.

Here's Charlie attempting to solve the puzzles of the now famous, hand-made by Nan, "Jem's Bored".  Fiendishly difficult puzzles hiding amazing rewards.  Our high score was 7 out of 9 puzzles correctly solved.  It was fascinating to see the dogs figure out so many of the puzzles.

One other piece of news is that we finally have a more member friendly Facebook group.  We are retaining the one that is more public-facing, with an administrator posting for the club, but we also created a brand new group.  It is private, open to all club members and everyone can post.  You can find the group, and ask to join by searching for "Greater Columbia Obedience Club, Inc". There are already lots more pictures from the June meeting, lots of recent brags, and assorted other posts.  We hope you find the FB group a nice way to communicate with your fellow club members.

No club meeting for July, but we'll be back for our August meeting.  See you then!  

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