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10 May 2016 3:25 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

We have had a busy start to 2016!  Our very successful January obedience trial kicked off the year and immediately after the trial, our classes went into full swing.  Then we decided to attempt to buy a GCOC building!  It looked very promising to start, but alas, the costs to bring the building up to code were too great.  We learned many things from the effort and will stay aware of opportunities for future purchase of a permanent home for GCOC.

Since the beginning of April, we have completed 4 trials!  We held 3 agility trials, including our very first Shadow Dog Sports event, and most recently, our second obedience trial of the year.  Now, we get a bit of a break.  No big events until the fall. Yay!  I can’t resist giving some hints of what is to come.  Perhaps another UKI trial?  Nosework?  Did someone say Nosework?  Shadow Dog Sports and CWAGS?  What’s CWAGS?  Our events committee has been planning up a storm! You will hear more as we get closer to some of these exciting events.

But now, it is time to have some fun!  The June meeting has been declared a social meeting!

Join us for our very first:  Pups, Play, People, and Picnic!  Bring your dog(s)!  We will be providing barbeque, buns, drinks, and paper products.  Bring a side dish to share (people food).  We will not be having a business meeting unless really necessary. It’s a fun and games night!  Oh and Brags!  We have lots of Brags! 

If you are new to the club, please join us for an opportunity to get to know your fellow club members.  If you’re a long time member, but haven’t attended a meeting in a while, join us for this one, and re-introduce yourself. 

Gayle Mitchiner is in charge of the fun and games and maybe she’ll drop some hints for us as June draws closer.

In the meantime, thank you to the members who have worked so hard to start our year off with a bang!  Fortunately, there are too many different people to thank to list them all here.  It really is gratifying to ask and get responses for assistance when we ask!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now, come have some fun!


  • 20 May 2016 12:25 PM | Anonymous member

    By reading this article,sounds like the club has had a successful year in 2016.Congratulations to all
    members on their hard work for the trails this year so far.

    I miss being with the members,and taking class's,in a great club to be in.I would of help with the trails this
    year,but my year started bumpy and I hope I never have to repeat this painful experience again.I email
    you a few months ago, but I don't know if you got it or not.I was letting you guys know what happen
    to me,so you would have some ideal what was going on,and didn't desert the club.

    Since Jan 29, my world turn upside down.I broke my left ankle on our back steps.I had to have surgery.
    They had to put metal and a screw in place where the fiba broken two places.I couldn't walk on it for two
    months.I had a split cast on then a boot.I had it on 10 weeks then was able to put weight on it for two
    weeks,then a tennis shoe.What happen next,was a big BLOW.

    A week after my left ankle was broke.I fell on my right ankle with my crutches,and broke two bones.
    I couldn't believe this was happening.I had to repeat the same surgery as my right ankle.This was a
    worse break.This landed me in a wheelchair for the next three months (Feb,Mar,April)I couldn't walk without
    my right leg.I stayed at a long term rehab center for 3 weeks.This month (May)I am able to walk..This has
    been the longest wait for this day to come.May 18 this week I am wearing my tennis shoe,on right ankle.

    My ankles are not strong yet,they took a major blow.It will take exercise and time to recovery from
    this accident.I don't know what lies ahead for me in the future.I hope I will not have much issues from
    my ankles.

    I am planning to attend the June meeting.Can't wait to see everybody,looking forward to eating barbecue
    with my dog friends.I hope nothing comes up,and keeps me from missing you guys.

    I will plan to bring Rosco.Looking forward to having fun.

    Certifield Dog Groomer
    Wanda Austin.
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    • 24 May 2016 11:06 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
      We'll look forward to seeing you at the June meeting, Wanda!
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    • 13 Jun 2016 5:25 PM | Anonymous member
      Wanda, So sorry you have had such a bad time, but it was good to see you back at the june meeting. Nell
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