Highlights from the April Meeting

08 Apr 2016 8:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

I really have to say we might have outdone ourselves last night!  The chili was delicious! Thanks, Jane!  And the program with Cilla Phillips and Faye Erickson was informative and quite entertaining! Faye's Chopper, teamed with Cilla's Sidney in a "brace" was great fun.  If folks are interested in learning more about carting or perhaps having Cilla do a clinic for us, reply to this blog and we'll see what we can arrange.

Then on to the content of the meeting.  It seemed rather tame considering we didn't have any information about the building to discuss.  Except to explain that the projected cost of bringing the building up to code was more than we could afford.  So, back to the drawing board on the building. We are not actively looking for a building or land, but if anyone sees anything promising, let us know and we will at least explore the opportunities.  We learned a lot from this process and hopefully it will lead to a building for us in the future.

There was an active discussion about membership procedures and requirements. Alison Rosenberg is heading up the committee to help us streamline our membership process and develop some ideas to increase member involvement. Feel free to drop her a line if you have any comments or suggestions for  Alison Rosenberg.  You will be hearing more about the progress of the Membership Committee in the months to come.

We have all our committees working hard to bring us more events, an outstanding Obedience trial, numerous Agility Trials, and of course a building maintenance committee that keeps the toilets flowing.  Ok, that isn't particularly glamorous but Ron Patterson is going to help make sure everything is functioning just fine.

We have one new policy to review.  The Obedience Training Committee introduced a proposed Aggressive Dog Policy to the board on March 31.  I mentioned it last evening in the meeting along with a quick review of how policies are going to be created.  So here it is in brief.  A policy is proposed and is posted to the website here:  Policies and Procedures under Discussion  Members are to review the policies and make comments on the blog.  The committee will review all comments and put together a final policy.  It gets submitted to the board, approved and posted to the Policies and Procedures page of the website.  Policies will be open for review and commentary for two weeks.  So, click here: Policies and Procedures under Discussion  page and make your comments.

Don't forget the Agility Trial this week-end, and twice more in April!  They could use our help as leash runners and ring crew! Agility Trials and Matches Oh, and the Show 'n Go later this month. And then next month, the C match on Friday evening and the Obedience Trial on Saturday and Sunday, May 7 and 8  Obedience Trials and Matches

That's it this time around.  See you at the next club meeting on May 6.



  • 10 Apr 2016 5:55 PM | Deleted user
    I would try to define negative contact.. If a dog growls at another dog is that considered negative contact and in what context.

    I would prefer a committee of experts evaluate the dog. However, No instructor should be forced to instruct a dog he or she is uncomfortable instructing. Perhaps the committee that is currently defined as the evaluation committee is considered expert. I think that should be discussed. An expert should be an expert in titles, different breeds, and behavior appropriate to different age of dog.

    I suspect that, in most cases, the relevant behavior, is so obvious that no wording quibble is necessary. But, if we don't have a panel of experts, why not say that, in the event of disagreement, the matter will be referred to a panel of experts… .. that way we don't have a dog potentially banned from AKC events because of some behavior that has been misinterpreted.

    None of the above is worth arguing. but i thought i would mention this non the less as I am in a class that trains with a wonderful nonaggressive Rotti that was banned from the AKC when he was a puppy by one judge who overracted with the puppy growled.
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