Canine Freestyle and Tricks Classes


Dust off those dancing shoes, it's time to flaunt your moves with the best four legged partner in the world - your pooch!  Join us for Freestyle, which showcases human and canine orchestrated moves to music! 

Not all classes are offered every session. To register and pay for your enrollment in these classes, go to our Class Calendar.
Beginning Canine Freestyle - Dancing with Dogs

Canine Freestyle is simply dancing, walking, marching, dressaging, or acting (skits/tricks) with your dog to music.  It is a creative sport in which handlers showcase  their dogs’ special talents to music that matches the dogs’ rhythm and personality.

In this class, dogs will be introduced to working on 4 sides of the handler, moving forward and backward, using heeling, spinning, circling, backing, changing directions, weaving, and sidestepping.   Elements from Rally, Obedience, Agility, and Conformation will be incorporated. 

Tricks For Dogs

Tricks for Dogs is a one day workshop periodically offered by GCOC. Handlers learn how to teach their dogs tricks and how to put the tricks into a simple skit to be used to entertain family and friends.

For more information regarding the Greater Columbia Obedience Club's Freestyle program, please send us an email.

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