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  • TWO CWAGS Obedience & Rally Trials Sunday October 24, 2021

TWO CWAGS Obedience & Rally Trials Sunday October 24, 2021

  • 24 Oct 2021
  • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • 947 S. Stadium Road Suite 10 Columbia, SC 29201


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:

Shadow Dog Sports

Two Obedience & Two Rally Trials

Sunday October 24, 2021


Due to the large number of classes offered

only 2 dogs on each registration form.  If you have more than 2n dogs, after you complete the registration of the first 2 you will be able to close out without paying,then register the next dog. Your will receive different invoices as each registration is completed but when you are finished and come back to the site you will be allowed to make one payment at the end.

Although each class lists all possible entries remember you can only enter each level once for each Round 1 and once in Round 2 Eg. you can enter Obedience level 1 once in Round 1 and Once in Round 2

But you can enter Obedience Level 1, Obedience Level 2 Rally Advanced, ZOOM 1.5  or any other combination in Round 1 and in Round 2 .

For complete rules go to:

Obedience Rules

Rally and ZOOM Rules

Click below for premium.You will be required to check a box stating you have read the Disclaimer found at bottom of premium for your entry to be valid

CWAGS Premium October 24, 2021.pdf

CWAGS Premium October 24, 2021.docx


This is an indoor show

Limited crating space available.

Please bring a mat to place under your crate

There is no charge for online payment. If you choose to pay by check please complete the online application then send check made out to Shadow Dog Sports the Trial Treasurer

Jaye Pearce

3416 Delree Street

West Columbia, SC 29170

Pre-entry Fees

$20.00 for first class

$18.00 for second class/same dog/same day

$15 for each additional class/same dog/same day

Must be received on-line or to Trial Secretary by October 19, 2021


Day of Show Entry  Fees:

$23.00 for first class

$20 each additional class/same dog

Fees are based on number of classes each dog is registered for each day. You can receive multiple class discounts per dog even if registering for different types of events. E.g. One dog registered for 1 Obedience, and 2 Rally classes and 1 Zoom class will receive a 4 class discount


All dogs must be registered with C-WAGS to participate and receive credit in the C­ WAGS classes. Day of show registrations will be accepted or register on line at by right clicking below link and choose to open in new window

Receive registration number via email

Obedience Levels I, 2 & 3

(2 rounds)

      Starter, Advance & Pro Rally

(2 rounds)

        Zoom 1.0, Zoom 1.5 and Zoom 2.0

(2 rounds)

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